Do you ever get stressed out or frustrated when trying to decide what to wear in the morning? Let alone what to wear for your High School Senior Photography Session? I’m sure everyone can agree that it is hard, especially for women. Don’t worry, today I am here to help you get ready for your upcoming session, and guys, there are some tips here for you as well!

To help tell your story, I have my seniors put together three completely different outfits.

#1: One you feel extremely comfortable in and would be seen in most days at school. This outfit can be on the more casual side.

#2: Choose an outfit that fits in with current trends. Try for something that is dressy or out of the box from what you would wear on a daily basis.

#3: Choose an outfit that is classic or timeless. If you love Pin-up style, this would be a great way to incorporate that into your session.

An extra outfit to choose from,

#4: Are you an athlete? Any of the sports you participate in, even if not in high school, would be great to incorporate into your session as well.

Where do you look for inspiration for how to put outfits together? I am one of the many photographers that looks for inspiration through Pinterest, but it doesn’t matter where you look or shop. Your closet is full of outfits and ideas. We work closely with you to prepare for your session.

I can’t wait to meet the new Seniors! Don’t forget to check back for more tips to prepare for your senior session!