Family Holiday Photography Sessions can be a little stressful and fun. There is no right or wrong answer.

As most of you know, on October 25th, I left Michael’s Arts and Crafts for the last time. It was a sigh of relief and a huge change for myself. The best part about leaving the company, was not that I got to sleep in (til 7….. not really sleeping in). I spent Thanksgiving with my whole family!

I looked back on the last time our whole family was together for the holidays and it was Christmas of 2006. Before jobs, babies, and responsibilities took over all of our lives. This was the first year I started in photography. An image I will never forget, I captured of my aunt and uncles driveway leading to their house. My Great Grandma in their front window working on a cross stitch project, as we bake pies, play games and the volume inside this little house kept rising, especially my Uncle Wally who is known to be loud and obnoxious. It amazes me that after 13 years I still remember everything that went on in the house for Christmas. My sister writing on the windows backwards, expressing Santa was here and you’ve been naughty!

My mom and I drove to California, in a car packed so full we could barely see out the back. I delivered a beautiful order to a client and celebrated the next baby that is set to arrive in January. Then we headed up the mountain where we would stay for the next week. It was a crazy week of all kinds of weather from sun to snow, we had it all. The excitement to see the whole family on Thanksgiving and what we had in store for everyone around.

By Tuesday afternoon, there was snow! Instead of us wishing for a white Christmas, we were wishing for a white Thanksgiving. We played in the snow, attempted to build a snowman (totally did not work) and stayed warm by the fire. Grandma and I played many rounds of Cribbage, a game my grandparents would play all the time. By Thursday, most of the snow had melted off as we headed for the Hunting Lodge. The studio was ready to capture the family images. The backdrop is from Fancy Fabric and Props ( There were lots of laughs that happened throughout the session!

Then it was time for Santa to make his appearance. The older kids were so excited and ready to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. A few of the little ones were curious about him and of course we had the complete meltdowns of others. When it was all said and done the family images were just what you would expect, hilarious. My family creates lasting memories, like this or the one 13 years ago.

My question to you, why do you wait until the holidays to get together with the family? Are you still planning your family holiday photography sessions?

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