Before the holidays, I photographed a beautiful family of three. We met at Floyd Lamb Park on a very cold, windy day to capture their family session. I first met the family during their in home lifestyle session in April, now their little one is One! After how cold this session was, I decided to come up with a few ideas to help families prepare for their session during the winter months. Here are a few tips to remember when doing a family session in the cold. Winter Family Session Tips:

Tip #1: Choose outfits you can layer. Winter sessions can be cold and no one wants to have a bulky jacket in their images. Layering will give you the extra warmth without having a bulky jacket on. Wear long sleeve shirts with a thermal underneath, add a scarf as an accessory, and finding beanies that go with your outfits.

Tip #2: Bring a blanket. During the session, there may be a point where the little ones or others are not in the images. Having the blanket with you will keep everyone warm throughout the session. Plus the blanket could add some fun images of the kids huddled together.

Tip #3: As a photographer, even I get cold during the session. Inside my pocket, I bring with me the little packet of warm hands, or something similar. Have a few of these with you for the session as it will keep hands warm and little ones happier.

Tip #4: Have fun. This is especially important during the holidays. We all look for the perfect image of the family and sometimes, it is the imperfect image that we end up liking more. So have fun, laugh with your family.

I hope you find our winter family sessions tips useful for your next family session. Book your next winter family session with Teri Lynn H Photography by clicking on the contact tab or for more information on our upcoming sessions.

winter family session winter family walkaway image  winter family portrait session winter family session flying in the air winter family session


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