Leo's newborn session

Blogging is a hard part of my business, knowing what to say and how to say it. Today, Leo’s Newborn Session is on the blog.

Journey Through California

Meet baby Leo. Born on December 30th, 2019. I flew into San Francisco to capture his newborn session. My assistant, aka my mom, came with me on this trip to meet her great nephew. When I head into California, I always have a laid out plan. This trip was no different. We arrived in San Francisco just after 9 in the morning. We went to the house, dropped off some of the unneeded items, and hit the road to Grandma’s house. I have a second set of studio items which have a home at my Grandma’s house, making sure I always come to visit her. She is smart, as it means her and I can play a mean game of Cribbage (for the record, she is currently winning in our year tournament). We stayed the night and headed down to the city in the morning.

We arrived in the city, relaxed for a bit. Then I set to work on setting up the portable studio. On the morning of the session, little Leo had to visit the doctors. When he was born, he was blessed with an extra toe and two fingers. During Leo’s newborn session, mom was perfectly happy to have the extras included into the session, they were part of his start in the world. I chose colors that accented the nursery, grey, white, and golden rod (yellow). Little Leo found himself sleeping through 85 percent of his session. Transitioning him from pose to pose, gave me an opportunity to capture some beautiful detail images from his hair line to his hands and feet.

Adding Versatility to a Session

One of my favorite images in this session, was including mom and dad in a subtle way. First we added their rings into the session. This is part of their family unity. Then, I placed their hands around little Leo. These are some of the simplest ways to include parents, who choose not to have the family portion of the session.

Once we finished the session, our trip was still not over! We met up with my mom’s long time friend and a client of mine for dinner at the beach. If ever you are in the Pacifica area, make sure to check out the Moonraker for dinner. This is our favorite place to go for dinner. Plus the location has an exceptional view of the beach. Living no where near the ocean, I always make a time to go see the beach. The waves are a calming for me and make me feel at home. The next day, we headed off to my Grandma’s house again for another match on cribbage. I enjoy spending as much time with her as I can! She’s is one of my biggest cheerleaders for my business.

Heading Home

Oh and did I mention, this weekend was the same weekend the 49ers were playing to be in the Super Bowl? Heading back to the city, we had to perfectly time our drive. Actually, we made it in record time from my Grandmas back to San Francisco. Monday morning when our 3 am wakeup call for the airport happened, I was ready to sleep in my own bed. Traveling, even for one weekend, I felt like I needed a vacation from my trip. Anyone else feel like that? So now that you know everything that happened on this trip, let’s bring on little Leo’s newborn images. I hope you enjoy.

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Leo's newborn session Hairline detail during Leo's Newborn session Leo's newborn session Leo safe in his parents hands Leo's newborn session Little toes and ring details Leo's newborn session Leo's newborn session Leo bundled up during his newborn session Leo's newborn session on grey backdrop

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