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What to expect for your Newborn Session

Hi everyone! My name is Teri and I am the owner of Teri Lynn H Photography. Last week on Instagram, I talked about High School Pre-Session Consultations (if you missed that post, look for it now on the blog below this one). I had such a fun time doing that post that I thought I would take you through what to expect during your newborn session. You are going to get the best free slots no deposit right here, anyone sufficient to make it!


I took a workshop about three years ago now (holy cow) that gave me the knowledge and training I needed to start my newborn photography journey. In that training, I learned newborn safety (which is key when it comes to choosing a newborn photographer), the different poses, and so much more. In my first year after my training, I focused mainly on newborn photography because I wanted to be comfortable and confident in posing and working with newborns. I met a lot of wonderful families through building my portfolio and they became part of my family.


Before you book your newborn session, I like to meet with my clients so they see who will be working with them during their session. An email is sent with a questionnaire to get to know more about you and your growing family, including what you plan to do with your session images. We usually meet when you are 30-32 weeks (and schedule your maternity session). During the consultation, we talk about color schemes, props, poses, pretty much anything and everything you could expect before, during and after the session. Plus, you never leave without all the information you will need, including a small gift.


The day of your session is an exciting time. If you have opted in for parent/family portraits with the newborn, we tend to do those images first, it may vary depending if baby is sound asleep. Once parent/family portraits are done, if you have kids we suggest sending dad with them to have a play date or to go have a treat for being such a great big brother/sister. Mom you are able to sit back relax with your feet up while we continue the session in the studio space. The session takes about 2-3 hours (in total) just depending on baby. Once your session is complete, we confirm our scheduled premiere viewing and ordering session.


I post behind the scene images and behind the camera images just shortly after the session. Then my work begins with uploading, editing and finalizing your images. I post a sneak peek or two from your session leading up to your premiere viewing and ordering session. The day of, we sit down and watch a little video I put together from the session, creating a lasting memory of your newborn, who has probably started to change since the session. We create custom artwork to be displayed in your home to cherish forever.


If you would like to schedule a newborn session with me, please contact us at [email protected] or click on the contact us at the top! We look forward to capturing your memories.

Puppy Sessions

In late 2018, I headed to California to capture a couple of adorable puppies and their mommies. When I was first asked if I would come out to photograph their babies, my first thought was when can I sign up. I was so excited during the whole process from scheduling their session to flying out there. Many of you who know me, know I do not like flying, one bit.


The day of their session, we stayed on their property and waited for sunset. It was gorgeous during October on their property, trees were still changing colors and falling on the ground. It was a dream session and the puppies, who are brothers, were so much fun to photograph. We incorporated their mother-in-law who surprised the girls with their early Christmas present.


A few short weeks after capturing their images, they shared with us that they are both expecting their first baby this year! One in April and the second one in June. These two girls are so lucky because their babies get to grow up together and be best friends.


Here are a few more images from their session! If you would like to schedule a puppy session, please contact us to schedule! We look forward to capturing your memories.

High School Senior Pre-Session Consultation

Hi everyone! My name is Teri and I am the owner of Teri Lynn H Photography. This week on my Instagram account, I went into some details about our High School Senior’s Pre-Session Consultations. I feel these are important for all my clients as we can plan your whole session and watch it come to life before our eyes! Plus, the best part is you can meet me in person before our session.


A couple days before our consultation, I send out a questionnaire for my seniors to go through and answer. Some of the questions are general information, but I always add in some fun questions to get to know them a little more. We plan to meet at a coffee shop that is located between the two of us. Before I pull out any information, I always ask my Senior client, “Are you ready to graduate?” 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes, because they are ready to start their next chapter in life. This is a conversation starter because I dive into getting to know them even more. My last question I like to ask is “What they are wanting from their session?” or “How they envision their session?”


This question leads me into suggesting locations that they would love, that match what they just described to me. In the Las Vegas valley there are so many places that capture the beauty of natural and landscape feel most are looking for. If you want something a little different for the city and urban feel, the Art District is the place to go.


After deciding on the perfect location, it is time for outfit choices. Our Seniors can bring 3-5 outfits for their session. I offer them a few ideas to get them thinking about what they want to wear for their session. Wear your everyday casual, this could be a tank top and shorts (living in Las Vegas this is a casual for most because of the heat). Dress up your casual everyday wear with a dress or romper. Add in your sports you play or any clubs that you may be part of. One of the last things I offer as an idea is doing something fun. Take your prom dress and add a favorite pair of sneakers, or your cleats. The sky is the limit when it comes to your outfits. If you still aren’t sure what to wear, try everything on!


Our last piece to our consultation is hair and makeup. This is a fun option for our Senior Girls because it takes the stress out of doing it yourself. Our professional hair and makeup artist Ella D Beauty is phenomenal at what she does. Before she starts anything, she talks with you about everything, from how you wear your hair and makeup to what you would like for your images. If you would like more information, please visit her website at .


Our Pre-Session Consultations are fun and included in the session experience. We are looking forward to some upcoming inclusions into our High School Senior Session experience. If you would like to book your session, please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the information on our contact page. We look forward to capturing your memories.


Kylie’s Sitter Session

Sitter sessions are a great way to show how much your little one has changed in their first year of life. We call these sitter sessions because we capture these at the time when they can sit up by themselves. Plus, your little ones will crawl around and chasing them is half the fun! They are also developing their own personalities and the faces that go with it! They communicate in their own language and as a photographer you understand exactly what they are saying, just like their parents.

Little Miss Kylie came into the studio for her Sitter Session, not too long ago and we captured beautiful images of her. My favorite thing about Kylie is when she was a newborn, she had a backwards “boo-boo lip”, and I captured that in this session as well. She is now eight months old and growing like crazy. She chased after me and the camera for some of the session. Luckily, I had an assistant with me to keep starting her over at the back of the bed. I look forward to watching her grow even more over the next few months before her One Year Cake Smash Session.

If you would like to schedule your Sitter Session for your little one, please contact us as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the images to follow!

The Adventures in California

What a week! When I come home from a vacation, I feel like I need another week to get back into the swing of everyday life! This past week, I spent my time in California with family and to say the least I did not miss the heat.

Our first stop during the trip was to my Grandma’s house. We headed to northern California to a small town/city of Jackson and to an even smaller area of Pine Grove. I love it at my Grandma’s house. She has a beautiful home and her backyard is perfect in the afternoon to relax outside. She has a little pond and the sound of the waterfall adds to the peacefulness. The added benefit of the elevation is you can hear the wind starting to blow through.

Unfortunately, it can get hot in this area. And this squirrel says it all. He plopped himself down right as we were heading out for the afternoon.

After spending a few extra days with Grandma, we packed up to head to San Francisco. The first day we arrived, it was cold and fog covered the coast. There were two things on our list of what we wanted to do while visiting: the beach and the zoo.

The first full day, we drove the coast because it was beautiful, no fog, sun shining bright. We headed all the way to Pescadero (I think that is how you spell it). Side Note: If you have never been to this little town, they have a bakery with fresh breads daily. The one we always get is the Garlic Artichoke Sourdough, I believe. It is to die for….. We enjoyed the view, the sound of the waves crashing and the smell of the ocean. We walked along the beach, where I played in the water (very cold), and turned my back to the water trying to put my shoes back on. The wave came in faster than I realized and completely engulfed my foot in water.

We started the drive back and stopped in Half Moon Bay. Got flip flops for me and walked through Main St where they have cute little shops, then got a little tour of places my mom would go when she was my age. We continued our drive back to Daly City along the coast, where we ended our beach day at Fort Point/Crissy Field. It was fun to see the Golden Gate Bridge from below and watch a couple surfers try to catch the waves. 


On our last day in California, we started our morning by bringing flowers to our Great Grandparents. Then we picked up our niece and nephew for the trip to the zoo. We all were very excited and couldn’t wait to get there. We saw bears, rhinos, and hippos! Some of the animals were not out as it was another warm, clear day. I don’t know who was more tired, my mom and I or our niece and nephew! What I do know: getting burned a second time in the same week is not a smart idea!

For dinner, we headed to the Moonraker with a family friend. We enjoyed tasty drinks, delicious dinner and a beautiful sunset. Before leaving the restaurant I ordered dessert: S’Mores. I was able to toast marshmallows at the table, who doesn’t love to do that? If you have never been to this restaurant it is a must try!

I had a wonderful vacation and can’t wait to get back into the swing of everything. Thanks for stopping by to read about our adventures! (all of the images were taken with my phone)

Prepare for Your Senior Session

Do you ever get stressed out or frustrated when trying to decide what to wear in the morning? Let alone what to wear for your High School Senior Photography Session? I’m sure everyone can agree that it is hard, especially for women. Don’t worry, today I am here to help you get ready for your upcoming session, and guys, there are some tips here for you as well!

To help tell your story, I have my seniors put together three completely different outfits.

#1: One you feel extremely comfortable in and would be seen in most days at school. This outfit can be on the more casual side.


#2: Choose an outfit that fits in with current trends. Try for something that is dressy or out of the box from what you would wear on a daily basis.


#3: Choose an outfit that is classic or timeless. If you love Pin-up style, this would be a great way to incorporate that into your session.


An extra outfit to choose from,

#4: Are you an athlete? Any of the sports you participate in, even if not in high school, would be great to incorporate into your session as well.


Where do you look for inspiration for how to put outfits together? I am one of the many photographers that looks for inspiration through Pinterest, but it doesn’t matter where you look or shop. Your closet is full of outfits and ideas. We work closely with you to prepare for your session.

I can’t wait to meet the new Seniors! Don’t forget to check back for more tips to prepare for your senior session!

What is Next?

I can’t believe we are almost through January. Where in the world has all our time gone? I never believed the rumors when you get older that time flies by faster. The last two years have definitely flown by before my eyes.

As we all move through 2018, there are some amazing changes that will be happening at Teri Lynn H Photography. I am taking a step back on Newborn photography, don’t worry though, I still love all the sweet babies. I took a lot of time to really think about my business and where I wanted to see myself in 5, 10 and 30 years from now…… well maybe not 30 years just yet. I am looking forward to what is next and have been preparing myself and my business for this change since the summer.

I found my passion in High School Senior Photography. I have taken a leap of faith and followed the little voice inside my head. The rule has always been, when one door closes another one opens. When I choose to close the door, my thoughts and ideas came pouring out. It was as if it was meant to be.

So what does that mean for the class of 2018 and 2019? I have a lot of fun and amazing ideas for sessions, as well as a very talented Hair and Make up Artist who will be joining the team. The studio is currently “under construction” to transition from newborn to High School Senior and there are a few other surprises I have that will be announced over the next few weeks. I am so excited to have you all join me along the way.

If you would like to schedule your 2018 High School Senior Session, there is still time to book your session.




Ready to Leave

In the last year of high school, you find yourself ready to start your life. To receive your diploma and for what lies ahead. To start college, move out, start your career, and find the love of your life.

Your parents, on the other hand, want nothing more than to have time stop moving, to be with you more. Our parents, to this day, see us as the one-year old stumbling as we walk or crying to be soothed, as we have just hit our head for the third time that same day.

For Logan’s Senior Session, we headed out to Lake Las Vegas to enjoy a gorgeous view and an amazing sunset. We all joked a lot during the session, as his mom has had him in front of a camera since they day he was born. Great job Mom!

His expressions transitioned right on que from a smile to a serious face. With the help of his parents, his girlfriend and my lovely assistant, we made sure he had a fun time during our session.

Logan is graduating in May of 2018 and is heading off to UNLV to begin the next step of his journey. He is planning to begin a degree in Business Management and hopes to work his way up in a future company. He has amazing potential and a great personality. I can’t wait to see where he is 5, 10, or 15 years down the road.

Congratulations to you, Logan, and to your mom and dad for raising an amazing son.

If you would like to schedule your High School Seniors Session, please contact Teri Lynn H Photography!

Tying the Knot

A couple weeks ago, I captured a fun loving engagement and family session. I have known this family forever now and I have had the opportunity to watch them grow. At the end of this month, they will officially tie the knot!

I still remember messaging Sarah about a year ago congratulating her and Rhyan on their engagement. Then it became the big question, “Will you photograph the wedding for us?” I was honored to be asked the question.

Sarah and I have worked together on a previous wedding and on quite a few newborn sessions. I could not tell her no. In a month from now, I will be capturing their special day, the way I would capture anyone else’s…… with love showing through every image.

Thank you for having Teri Lynn H Photography there to take part in your special day!

Copy of One Year Already

Has it really been a year already?

I am still in denial about it already being a year. A year ago, I left a paying position to pursue my photography business. I started working on my model calls to build up my portfolio and now it has been a year.

I photographed this little girl since her mom was still pregnant with her. Our sessions started out at Red Rock in Las Vegas. Mom rocked her session with heels on while we hiked through new parts of Red Rock. The images turned out beautiful and a few weeks later, she gave birth to her baby girl!

I have captured her newborn and 6 months images! Now she has turned one. She came into the studio for her cake smash session and had a blast! She has grown up so much in just a year, and having the opportunity to capture her throughout the whole year has been a blessing. 

I hope you all enjoy the walk down memory lane to where we are today!

Cake made by: Teri Lynn H Photography and decorated by: Cayleigh

Set Designed by: Teri Lynn H Photography

Bird Cages: Las Vegas Store Santa’s Wrap

Sweet Little Elizabeth

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite to capture for new and growing families. They are so sweet, sleep for hours (most times) and are new to the world. Elizabeth and her mom came to visit me at my studio in Las Vegas. She was around 8 weeks old during her session. I was prepared for her to come in and be awake during the whole session. It wasn’t until the end of the session, that she fell into a deep sleep and we were able to create beautiful sleeping images.

The thought of pink and yellow together never occurred to me, until I was practicing my wrapping on a yellow bear! Those colors together added to her beautiful skin tone. Mom absolutely fell in love with the combination of the colors and was excited to see the final images. The yellow wrap and pink faux fur are both from BonBons Prop Shop on Etsy.

If you would like more information on the newborn session contact me here. I look forward to working with you.

Beautiful Locations

Part of my job, as a photographer, is to adventure to new locations to shoot beautiful mothers-to-be. Teri Lynn H Photography headed to the Las Vegas Wetlands at sunset to capture this sweet couples maternity session.

Before scheduling a session, I like to get to know my clients. There are certain locations that could have meaning to us without knowing it. A park where you and your loved one met, a place where your family would gather through the years, or a place that feels like home. At this location, there is a trail with beautiful scenery all around. Everywhere we turned there was something different. It is my job as the photographer to capture the beauty of the couple and the location. I am excited to share such a beautiful session and soak up the warmth of the summer sun. If you would like to schedule a maternity session, contact Teri Lynn H Photography for more details.

Morning Shenanigans

Summer is the hardest time to do a photography session, especially in the Las Vegas heat. For the photographer, there is no hiding from the sun and 9 times out of 10 we get sunburnt like crazy. We place our subjects in the shade to protect them from unwanted light and to keep them from turning red. After years of living here, you learn to schedule sessions during specific times of the day to avoid the harsh rays/light of the sun and to beat the heat. This session was no different. We met at 9 in the morning and finished by 10. Even at that time it was 99 degrees outside.

These two were troopers through the heat. They were happy to head off to the pool to cool down before they headed back to California that night. I have watched these two grow before my eyes over the years and I am excited to continue capturing their images for their mom!

To schedule your session today, head over to the contact tab!

Red Rock Experience

On a warm July afternoon, I met with a beautiful family to capture their maternity session at Red Rock. They were all excited for the session, and mom was extremely excited to finally have a little girl in the family. The Buck family was in their favorite place, which made capturing these images that much easier. The family loves to hike and be outdoors. My assistant came with me to keep me from falling off rocks and to help with the little ones while I was posing images of mom and dad together.

The family took us on an adventure through parts of Red Rock that I have never been too. We all definitely got a workout in and mom rocked her wedge heels the whole time we did the shoot. I was happy to meet such an awesome family and capture some amazing images from their session. I looked forward to meeting their little girl in August.

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