Five children laughing during the family photography session

The best part about being a photographer is visiting beautiful locations and creating your memories you share with your family.

A family laughing because a bug flew up their nose.

Having the ability to draw an idea on paper and watch it come to life is my favorite part. As a photographer, my mind is filled with so many ideas, I am unable to see a vision clearly.

At the studio, we strive to provide our clients with an experience to last a lifetime.

Newborn twins brother and sister sleeping

“Creating Your Memories.”

Hey there! My name is Teri Haennelt and I am the creative behind Teri Lynn H Photography. I look forward to creating your family memories this year. A little about myself. I graduated from college in May of 2014 with my Associates Degree of Business and a Minor Degree of Photography. After taking some time off from school, I reentered into an online degree program for my Bachelors of Business.

Each year, I choose a workshop to attend, online or in person, to continue my photography education. One online retreat I love being a part of is The Milky Way, A Photographer’s Resource. Each year, at least 20 professional photographers are brought together to educate on various topics for newborn photographers.


In January of 2016, I opened the doors of Teri Lynn H Photography. During the four years, I have captured over 200 sessions, including two weddings and three sets of beautiful newborn twins!

I have been trained and specialize in Newborn Photography. Newborn Safety is my main priority when photographing a newborn of any age.

I absolutely adore all the little ones that have come into the studio to see me. This year, I was lucky enough to capture some amazing images of newborn twins.


What do I love most about my job? Meeting wonderful families and newborn babies to capture their beautiful images.

Owning your own business is not something anyone can do. When I decided this was what I wanted most in life, I found out just how hard it really is.

You become a marketer, an accountant, a website designer, a personal assistant, all of this before I even touch my camera. I wouldn’t change it for the world…… well maybe a little more time with my camera.

What do I do for fun? My business is my life. I’m just kidding. While I do spend a lot of time working, I also travel, read, crochet, cross stitch, and spend time with my niece.

Capturing your memories


When I started my photography business, I did not know where it would lead me. I began creating the Photography Education last year when a client asked for tips on taking pictures of their family. I found the easiest way was to do a step by step demo of how to go from the Automatic settings and fully transition to Manual Mode.

Also coming soon is a new website dedicated to the TLHP Seniors! The new website will be launching next month. If you have net yet, follow us on Facebook at TLHP Seniors and on Instagram @tlhpseniors.

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I look forward to creating your memories!